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    "Necro Blues" Review from Sleazegrinder.com
    Sioux City Pete and The Beggars
    Necro Blues
    Steel Cage
    Chickenhawks guitarist turns hoodoo head-hunter with this witching hour detour into a delta far darker and deeper than the Mississippi one it resembles on the surface. With sleeve pictures depicting scenes of general depravity and random dismemberment while littered with quotes from poets and revolutionaries to resonate among songs like Everyday I'm Dead, Playing The Murder Game, Death Rattle and Necrophilia this has it's eye on the sickness that satiates the world and oneself through sociopathy or self-destruction, rather than another trivial trawl through the murder ballads of yore. As such it does whip up its own impending spirit of bad moon doom and junked-up, juke joint, fire-playing peril. Grimacing and shaking with the Godzilla grind of The Gun Club and The Gories, and even pre-commercial grunge of Tad and the like, this is a great volley of vamped-up voodoo from the rolling monolithic riffing of Farmlands to the sloppy-ass shuffle of Whiteout and the sadistically rejoicing VooDoo Motherfucker ('I'll set that bitch on fire, fuck her in the ass till she die off') cranked up and clattering like they're making a crack-houses out of Louisiana crypts. All the while SCP wails n' hollers, not so much with a hellhound on his tail but as the one who trains and tames said beastie, but who knows full well the bastard'll turn on him in the end. A warped, twisted, uncompromising visitation of vile, sludgy maverick mojo-thunder blues that'll be sure to malinger in the space it'll cleave in your oh so susceptible soul.
    - Stu Gibson
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“You stand on your head and you believe yourself dancing into the realm of freedom. You will wake up from your nightmare, little man, finding yourself helplessly lying on the ground…”-W.Reich,1945

After 3 more years of touring, Steel Cage Records became one of the bravest (and most foolish) labels in the United States by releasing the Beggars ‘Necro Blues’ in May 2006. Reviews generally conceded to the unmistakable, atavistic, raw nature of the record.


released May 5, 2006



all rights reserved


Sioux City Pete & the Beggars Seattle, Washington

Armed with guitars, drums and guts, Sioux City Pete & The Beggars mutate the classic style of Mississippi Delta Blues into previously uncharted territory, stripping the music down to it’s raw soul and rebuilding it with volume-soaked armor plating.

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Track Name: Voodoo Motherfucker
Voodoo motherfucker, baby, I'll cut your head right off
Voodoo motherfucker, baby, I'll cut your head right off
I'll set that bitch on fire, fuck her in the ass til she die off.

Drinkin', Gamblin', Smokn' crack til I fly
Drinkin', Gamblin', Smokn' crack til I fly
Ain't never met my daddy, sure as hell don't care why

Get me a shotgun, I'll shoot you in your fuckin face
Get me a shotgun, I'll shoot you in your fuckin face
Track Name: Death Rattle
Black Soul
Black Heart

Dead Policeman
in her hands
wild girl

Death Rattle